Damn man..

"We live in a society where a lot of people are followers and they can’t make their set opinions. I have friends going to college for stuff their parents want them to go for and they’re not happy or anything. I just try to tell people to think for themselves and they’ll be way happier in the long run."

and with that said.. been a bit since i typed out anything, just so much running around Ive been doing really. But just now i was really hit with this whole school thing. My mom just started asking me like “so when do you walk?” “will you walk in May?” “or do you go at a different time since you graduate this semester” and etc. And its like.. who knows if I’m even gonna pull off graduating this year; lord knows I can never say that to her. But for real, like yeah, im staying confident and hoping I do pull off graduating, but ima be real with my self and how i see it going.. in my head its really “who knows.. maybe i will, maybe i wont” cause at this point (actually since last semester) i really dont see a need in school no more (sorry family out there that reads this lol) but legit, what im going for at school i dont want to do for the rest of my life anymore; i dont. “But Sam! you need a backup plan just in case!” Just in case what? I dont get anywhere with music? Or dont get anywhere with my future of working in the industry? You guys have to realize, I dont want to be working for a high class company doing design work forever and ever. I dont. Regardless of the degree, you still have to apply for that type of job, and I know me.. I aint gonna be doing that, ever. The type of jobs I would do, I can apply for now. Actually, alot of work in my field (for what i’d ACTUALLY do) I dont need it anyways. And at the end of the day, its my life.. not yours. Not my cousins, not my friends, not my dads, not my family’s, not my moms.. its my life. I see family with degrees, I see how they are. And from what I see, not many of them been using their degree. They all got jobs they could have gotten without one; more so, im not shutting down everything like “dont go to school, its dumb” blah blah. No, you learn, you really do. But im just saying for me, my life, my goals.. my future, its not needed for me. Am I dropping out? No, of course not. But do I wanna take a break from school? Without a doubt. But will I? Not allowed. Why? Because most never go back apparently.. but at the same time, who knows. but forcing me on a timeframe to graduate isnt much of a bright card either. Like im just going to go, cause my mom says to now. Before I went for me because i wanted to; now i just go because my mom wants me to.. blahhh, its just a rollercoaster I wish I can get off; because day by day, im losing opportunities because of this, and day by day, its more money im gonna be having to pay back in the long run. But I know, all she wants is for me to succeed. But I know where I wanna go; i dont need a format like most that have a secure-set path for them. Thats not me. Im going for what most dont, what they say isnt possible for most; whats just a dream to many, and possible for few; and im ok living with that and reaching for the stars. like its great alot of people go for the recommended, live comfortably lifestyle, but i wanna go far and beyond that.. alot of things ive accomplished today was because i didnt listen to my parents from one or another of times. Not saying they’re wrong on everything, they’re actually right alot of the time but alot of you really have a tunnel vision; people can be wrong, family member or not; just like you make mistakes, your mom, dad, uncle, etc can do the same. Yes, they are always there to tell you whats right and what you should do and what they recommend, but you’ll never really know what else is around the ben if you dont take a few steps past what your limit was. and I know its not something to be use to in this generation compared to the generation family of mine grew up in. But hey, at the end of the day, this semester is my last semester. Getting pulled out if I graduate or not in the end since (take a guess) got no money for it. But im actually happy regardless of what happens; a piece of paper or not, not gonna change who I am afterwards; just gonna have an affect on what family says at family parties really, thats about the only difference. And if you know me as well as I know myself, i think i can live with that. i can live with that pretty damn well.

Oh yeah, starting to use #Vine now so check me out there. Don’t really have anything, but I’ll get on it soon 👌👌 other then that, check out the “How To Party” video if you can 👏

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